No more bets, please.
No more bets, please.
John D. Rockefeller read the Bible daily, attended prayer meetings twice a week and led a Bible study with his wife.  He tithed, rested on the Sabbath, spent much time with his family and gave a lot of money to charities.  One thing he understood was that he could NOT speculate with our Lord’s money.

The oil tycoon has a valuable insight into how things work — at least for those of us who hold a heavenly citizenship:

The speculative nature of the drilling activity forced a game of chance… odds, likelihoods, probabilities… language opposite to what he read daily, to what he learned weekly.  So while the world drills oil wells, where there is no control over key variables for success, John and his partners decided to go into oil refining, instead.

Sensitive to the will of God, John shunned drills and derricks and chose separators and distillers, instead — obedience bore fruit, abundantly!

Recently, my pastor called me a gambler, very recently… this year.  To be absolutely honest, I was not offended.  In a way, it felt good that he recognized the risk taker in me!  But his tone was not encouraging.  Besides, we were not talking about a potential business, but about my eldest son.  Serious warning.

Today, I repent.

There is a huge difference between making thoughtful decisions despite ambiguity, when we take risks with wisdom, knowledge and understanding — and a whole different animal is when we have no control over the key variables for success, and still manage to justify ourselves and even convince others to move forward… risking effort, time and money.  Solomon, King of Israel, called those who do the latter “vain persons” in his book PROVERBS, chapter 28, verse 19:

       He that tilleth his land
           shall have plenty of bread;
       but he that followeth after vain persons
           shall have poverty enough.

Things are constantly changing at HOFTMAN, LLC.  This revelation banishes many practices, effective immediately.   Speculative positions no longer have a chance, needless to say, but this resolution will have far-reaching implications.   Looking ahead, the benchmark to consider any investment will be that of the faithful farmer, in all aspects of the tasks and processes.

I am excited about our #InvestSmart Unit!  Farewell to speculation, which essentially only cares about money.  Welcome to care for developing teams, performance indicators and reinvestment dynamics — acquiring companies, identifying the limiting factors that stand in the way of achieving their goals and then systematically improving those constraints until they are no longer limiting factors.

Organic growth will be rounded with growth acquired from takeovers, mergers and acquisitions.

Speculation surges where there is no control over key variables for success.  The sin of presumption builds on an idea that is taken to (i) steer on the right path; (ii) be accurate; and, (iii) generate the expected outcomes; and is often used as the basis for further action, although the idea itself can not intrinsically support those certainties.

I am very grateful for what awaits our partners and us!

God’s best,